Check the coolest yet superior gadgets for this festive season!!

As Diwali approaches, we start preparing the list of electronics; appliances and gadgets to be purchase this festive season which helps you keep entertain, make you active, and help you to charge up. You can also grab pictures using smartphone’s camera.

Here we have listed few gadgets which keep you charged, deliver superior camping experience, and are comfortable and simple to use. You can either purchase these gadgets for yourself or you can give these gadgets to your friends and relative as a Diwali gift.


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  • Solar Charger: Solar charger is one of the useful gadgets which come with a battery capacity of 15,000mAh. The device comes with two USB ports which let you connect the mains via micro USB. Even if you have a strong battery device, then also this gadget is useful which can charge up your battery without using electricity. On this festive season, grabbing pictures, recording videos, calling and wishing your friends consumes lots of battery. At that time you can use this battery which charges your device with the help of sun’s rays. The device is compatible with Android, iPads, and other smartphones.

The solar charger comes with a price of 10,800 INR in the Indian market and $162 in the International market.

  • Fitbit Flex 2: Fitbit Flex 2 is available for sale in October. This is the best fitness tracking device which keeps track to your daily activities like monitoring your footsteps, calories burned, and your active and inactive time as well. This device will display you your total sleeping time as well. This fitness tracker is mostly beneficial for swimmers because of its waterproof body. The device supports various swimming activities as well. The device is equipped with Smart track technology which tracks your walking time, running time, cycling and aerobic timings. It can run up to 5 days without charging. You can fit this tracking device around your wrist as this device is available in different variants like bands, bangles, and pendant.

You can purchase this fitness tracker at a price of 6500INR in the Indian market and $100 in the International market. This device is available in Rose gold, silver, and gold color.

  • Camping Stove: This is the revolutionary gadget by which you can cook various meals. This device keeps you warm when you go for tracking or campaigning. The device comes with a fan placed inside the gadget to create airflow. This airflow combines with fuel chamber to ignite the fire. The heat exhausted is then converted into electricity which you can be used to charge your device. The device comes with various accessories like Kettle pot and Grilled BBQ attachment by which you can cook chicken, burger or any other meat. To start this stove, you do not require any electricity, as this stove uses the remaining heat which remains left while cooking. This leftover heat charges your device using USB.

You can buy this campaigning stove at a price of 10,800 INR in the Indian market and $162 in the International market.

There are many other gadgets which make your outings impeccable and memorable. You can also purchase smartphones, power chargers, ice coolers, various shades and tents, colorful shades, lantern and torches which you buy either via online market or by the offline market at reasonable price

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